Whiskey is my Yoga Introduction

I am new to blogging but my friends and random people I have met during my travels have been harassing me to share my whiskey knowledge for years.  I have been a whiskey lover since my first pour of Laphriog eight years ago.  Initially I started by drinking mostly scotch and Irish whiskey but have expanded to the wonderful world of bourbon three years ago.  I even dabble in “Canadian whiskeys” from time to time.

So why should you listen to a thirty year old blonde’s opinions on whiskey?  I acknowledge that most young women would rather enjoy a “cosmo” instead of a delicious pour of smoky, peaty Isla scotches or a smooth, sweet Kentucky bourbon that will make most grown men cringe.  However, that is not me.  I frequently admit to my fellow bar goers that stare at me strangely when I am happily inhaling the delicious scent of my chosen whiskey of the evening that I’m weird and probably reincarnated from a 45 year old man that sat in front of the fire with his bear skin rug.  I have attempted to try as many different whiskeys as I can.  I travel a lot for work and have sought out rare whiskeys, events, liquor stores, distilleries, restaurants, etc…  Throughout this blog I will discuss different whiskeys that I love, how to do tastings, and my favorite whiskey experiences from across the country.

If you haven’t gotten the point by now, I love whiskey!  I also enjoy convincing others to drink whiskey.  That brings me to the title and encouragement for this blog: my best friend Hilary.  She was talking to me after her yoga session while I was sitting at my local whiskey spot.  She described how relaxing it was and how it helped release her from the stress of her day.  I told her that at the end of a long day I like to sit down with my pour of whiskey and take a deep breath – inhale that beautiful scent and exhale the stress of my day.  Since that day, I have claimed that whiskey is my yoga.

DISCLAIMER: As previously stated, this is my opinion.  Of course I think that it is good but no one is under any obligation to agree.  I would appreciate tips and opinions on how I can improve my blog.  I like some whiskeys better than others but I appreciate them all.  This will probably lead to most posts having an honest, yet positive trend. I have personally been present for all photos taken and obtained all facts from research, professional tastings, experiences, tours, or events.